“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
― Paulo Coelho

I waited all day, just to see you 19/01/13

I was the first one to wake up in my house... I took a cup of cereal, to give me some energy and sat in from of the TV, just to relax a bit! Also because I never watch the TV, when I'm home and I wanted to see what were the programs early in the morning!

I sat ai my table, in my room at 10 am and started my study marathon, till 16 pm!

In the afternoon around 16.30, I went to the center and met Andrea! We went to an old library and I bought a book with is called "For hate, for love" -Jackie Collins and it costed only 2euro! Wow, I like when there are super sales!

Then we went to a shop and I bought a green and cute dress! Then I bought the electric cigarette! Wow, super proud of myself! Today I will finish my packet and I will quit smoking, just the electric one, which is like the Narghilè! 

At 18.15 we were on the bus and we went home to leave our bags, then we went on the car of our friend, parked it and went to a friends house!

Boring night!!! Boys playing computer games, girls just talking! Andrea also got angry with me, because I was quite strange... I was tired and feeling awkward! He said that when he was trying to kiss me, I leaned away, I just can't remember that scene and I really won't refuse his kisses! 

computer - game - cables - food - awkward - ruzzle - tired

When we walked out of that house, we felt better! We thought that it was better if we would have stayed home, we would have watched a movie and read a book, lying in bed! 
When we came home, we watched some TV, I ate cereals and milk and then we sat on the sofa and we started reading the books that we bought today! Bukowski! I'm already in love with him, even though I read a couple of pages!
At 01.30 am, I asked Andrea if I could go to his room, because I was tired! He started screaming at me and saying bad things! I was just to surprised and tired, that I was feeling fragile! So that no one could see my tears, I took my things and went away! 
When I went to the bathroom to wash my teeth and take off my make up, I hear that Andrea was talking to his mother... But since I was so angry that he reacted that "brutally" to me, I opened the sink and let the water flaw!
I heard knocking on the door and I knew it was him! I opened the door and tried to seem normal! I tried to stop the tears from falling, I didn't wanted to be seen as weak!
I continued to wash my teeth and he hugged me! 
Tears do not fall please, I beg you!
When I finished brushing endlessly and with anger, I washed started washing my face, because the tears couldn't stay in my eyes no longer! I thought that I could hide them, but my eyes turned red! I dried my face and rubbed my eyes, so that I would give my boyfriend the impression that they were red for that reason! I was taking an awful amount of time in all my movements! But he is not stupid, he knew that he hurt me and he came to me to apologize!
As soon as he hugged me, I bursted into tears! I felt his heat overtaking me and I felt the smell of his skin entering my nostrils. He looked me in the eyes, he dried my tears, his finger was like a paint brush, painting over my canvas, my face. 
He told me his version of how he understood what was happening. He thought that I wanted to go in the other room to read. He said that I was solitary and always on my own! And that I never wanted to stay in the company, with other people. I know that I'm like that and that prefer to stay alone, but in that case, he was wrong! I really was tired! 
We kissed and I apologized him and we went to bed! 
The first minutes we watched the TV, some random channel, then we switched it off and started kissing! 

passion - love - kisses - making love - blackness - looking in each other's eyes - orgasm - hug - sleep