“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
― Paulo Coelho

Let's call it the new beginning

This morning I woke up early, I wanted to go to Andrea, because we wanted to talk... However I wanted to wait for my parents to come back, so they could give me some money and so I could say good bye to them... 

They my parents went away and I was left alone in the house... I texted Andrea and I asked him if he could come to my house... I wanted to see his reaction! Not that I couldn't move, but I wasn't feeling very well! Also because I'm the one that goes to his house... I wanted to see if he really cares! 

After having lunched alone, I started reading... At 15.30, he came to my house! Yes, he really cares about me! As soon as he entered in the house, we kissed! It was beautiful!

Then we went in the salon and we sat on the sofa... We started kissing... There were no words, just passion... Then we went to my room and made love... It was a dream... I was living a dream!

Then we went to have a walk! We went to a bar and drunk a cappuccino! We were so sweet, but still I was a bit cold! I was still confused!

When he went home, I went out with my friend Fede... I had to have a girl-talk! I needed some advices and someone who understands me!

We went in two different bars! We took a drink and then some people started texting me... Some of my friends were trying to organize a little trip in the mountains, I was trying to read the conversations and to talk to Fede at the same time! 

The only mistake that I did that night, was that I was really cold with Andrea! We were trying to reunite and to try to make everything work again, he was trying hard... But externally it seemed that I didn't really care! But that was not the case! I mean, I care, yes I do... But it's just, that when I'm confused, I become detached and cold... Maybe even without interest...

When walked back home, I called Andrea... He was a bit angry with me, because I didn't texted with him all the night and call him only when I was free and going back home... I think that he is right in this, but still I wanted to stay a bit with my friend, talk and understand what was happening...

When I returned home, we continued talking about what we have decided to do with "us"... He definitely wanted to continue our story and I did too... But as I said also before, I needed time, not to think, but to realize what was happening and to come back to reality! 

Sweet messages... Lasting all night long...

The next morning I woke up, again, early in the morning... Andrea woke up at 09.30! This is a miracle and knowing that he generally wakes up at 12 or even late, this demonstrated that he really cares about me and that he really wants to make our relationship work!

We went to have breakfast! We talked about last night and he said that he didn't sleep all night, because he was thinking about me... The problem was that he knew that I had a flirt with a boy and that we were texting... He was afraid that I would have chosen him and not Andrea! Or maybe he thought that I was lying and not being loyal... I told him that it wasn't true... I mean, yes, I had a flirt and we texted... But I made my decision... I decided to stay with Andrea! The other boy (Tommy) was only a flirt and a New Year's adventure (Ps: nothing happened)

After breakfast we went to Andrea's house and we started doing homework! 
I was working all the morning on Math and I felt as if my brain was about to explode!

In the late afternoon, Andrea's father called and invited us with him dining! 
We went to his father's girlfriend house and passed a lovely night!

After dinner, Andrea's father gave each couple a Chinese Lantern! 
We had to write our wishes and dream on top!
How beautiful is our lantern?!

After the night, I went home and my mother was sitting on my bed, waiting me to tell everything about the day!
She is happy for me and Andrea! That we are a couple again! I said that I took some decisions, because also she wanted to know, what I wanted to do! But since I didn't knew how to say out loud my decisions, I preferred saying nothing and leaving her with doubts... Also because when I say something, she interprets it in a different way, than what I said it!