“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
― Paulo Coelho

Break up! 13/12/12

I still remember, some days before, it was sunday... We had a little discussion the night before, for something really stupid! But you really exaggerated! You were trying to find an excuse for leaving me! You did your best and you achieved it! You were preparing yourself, you were just trying to find the right moment!
I remember it was the night between Saturday and Sunday!
I was laying in your bed and I was trying to fall asleep, but somehow I couldn't... I was waiting for you, I wanted your love, your warm arms around my body! I wanted to be cuddled and hugged, but you just laid in your bed and turned away from me! You didn't even said "good night" to me!
How can the love of your life, not even wish you sweet dreams. I was the love of his life, I was his life! I was sleeping next to him and he ignored me?! What kind of fool would do that? 

The next morning you woke up and didn't even kiss me, you know, even if you were sleeping and I woke up earlier than you, I always kissed you in the morning and said "good morning" to you. Why didn't you do the same?
I know that I was sleeping, but I would have woken up happily in the morning, if the first thing that I saw, was your face, your smile, your eyes... But no! You just left me, in that cold and lonely bed! You were selfish!